A downloadable game for Windows

Can you, Color Master Iryl, figure out what is going on in your world? Strange things have started happening and it's up to you to stop it. Search the map for hidden items, solve puzzles, and help characters along the way as you figure out what is happening.


  • Space-bar - Jump
  • Left Arrow Key - Move Left
  • Right Arrow Key - Move Right
  • Action Button - Enter
  • X - Menu
  • There are other controls in the game you can figure out along the way.


I purchased/used these tile sets from these people. 
They are well made so check out their other stuff!



  • Kadokawa
  • Yanfly
  • Tomoaky
  • SumRndmDde
  • Tsukimi
  • RM CoreScript team

Install instructions

Unzip, run Game.exe, and play the game.


Color Master.zip 137 MB

Development log


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If only I could see the whole screen.
after leaving the initial room, I cant see anything whats down there.
so I walk down the edge, in an area that I cant see. and somehow take damage down there :-/

too bad this game is broken :-/

A game that has a lot of potential!  I want to see this one finished!!!